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Ex-Senator Leila De Lima Receives Gift From Pope Francis

Former Senator Leila De Lima has expressed her gratitude towards Pope Francis for giving her a beautiful gift from the Santo Papa.

On Sunday (November 26, 2017), the detained lawmaker Leila de Lima has thanked Pope Francis for the beautiful rosary she received from the Santo Papa and assurance that he was praying for her and to the Philippines.

De Lima received the rosary last Friday handed to her by The Philippine National Police (PNP) Chaplain after Pope Francis sent the gift through Papal Nuncio.

Pope Francis’ gesture was a response to the letter sent by the lawmaker before her 58th birthday last August 27, 2017, asking for prayers for her and for the victims of the alleged Extrajudicial Killings (EJK) in the country.

Here is the letter from De Lima:

“Dear Papa Francesco,

I am Leila de Lima, a senator from the Philippines and a political prisoner who has been incarcerated for the past 173 days, by President Rodrigo Duterte.

The international community has been appalled by the brazen violation of human rights since Duterte waged his war on drugs.
This August 27, I will turn 58 years old. Life’s journey has had its ups and downs, but I never imagined that my birthday would be spent inside a jail.

Papa Francesco, if I may be granted one wish, I hope that you will say a prayer for me and the Filipino people.

Please bless me so I can have the strength to continue the fight against the injustice that is happening not only to me, but to thousands of Filipinos who are victims of extra judicial killing.

I do not know when I will regain my freedom. Only Faith sustains me through this nightmare.

Please include me and the Philippines in your prayers.

God bless you Papa.

My heartfelt thanks,

Leila M. de Lima”

The 58-year-old senator said that she was touched by the pope’s gesture and will take it as a reminder to keep her faith despite the hardships of life.


  1. Leila de Lima, how thick is your face to accuse President Duterte of EJK, before accusing him you should consult your own conscience what you have done, being a druglord protector that is a very strong case against you, you are not a political prisoner, you are jailed because you are a druglord protector, and I just hope that President Duterte will continue complying what he promise to the filipinos during the campaign at the last election to eradicate drug business, corruption and to aliviaite poverty, had you ever asked yourself what you have done to the youth of the country? by allowing the drug business floursih in the Philippines by protecting the drug lords? I do hope before you go to bed you will exercise your own self by asking what you have done

  2. you're not a Political Prisoner but a Drug Lord Protector aleng halimaw!


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