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Inday Sara burns Mariel De Leon: Ano ika-insecure sa talo mo? Naipasa ko ang bar, ikaw ilang beses ka natalo?

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte on Friday lashed back to the tweet of Binibining Pilipinas International 2017 Mariel De Leon who indirectly called her ‘insecure’ for being pleasured by her defeat.

“Nase-schadenfreude kami, insecure at unhappy agad, di ba pwedeng tulad mo ay sadyang maldita lang talaga kami.” Inday Sara said in her post.

Inday Sara added that there’s no reason for them to become insecure with the defeated beauty contestant because she chose to be a lawyer than to be a beauty and successfully passed the bar exam in her first take.

“Ano ika-insecure sa talo mo? Pinili ko maging lawyer hindi beauty queen at naipasa ko ang bar exam ng isang take lang. Ikaw ilang beses ka nga ba natalo?” she said.

“At take note, pareho tayo mataba, wala ka lamang jan. Juicekow. Di kami insecure at unhappy, that’s your freudian slip about your schadenfreude moments.” she added.

Inday Sara also gave another hint to her ‘personal experience’ with Mariel De Leon that she mentioned in her post several days ago.

According to her, cameras at the SMX convention recorded Mariel De Leon’s ‘comments’ and ‘making faces’

“Nase-schadenfreude lang kami kasi we are born pala-away, lalo na kapag inuunahan kami. Nakita mo yung kadami ng camera sa SMX, lahat yun recording with your comments and you making faces,” she said.

The Presidential daughter also shared a photo of her, wearing a bikini.

As of writing, the post of Inday Sara Duterte reached 50,000 reactions and thousands of shares while Mariel De Leon tweet reached 7,800 likes and 1,600 re-tweets.

Last Tuesday, Inday Sara Duterte shared that she’s happy for the defeat of Mariel De Leon in the Miss International competition.

She also shared that she had a personal experience with De Leon and some speculated that the Binibining Pilipinas International 2017 showed a ‘diva’ attitude to the Davao City Mayor.

“Meron ako personal experience sa kanya, but I’m too tired to make kwento. I believe pageant judges see through the physical beauty and examine the heart. Para bang Ms. Venezuela sa Ms. Universe 2016. Parang ganyan. This is a schadenfreude moment for me. Sa binisaya pa, ang gabà di gyud magsabà.” she said.

On Friday, Mariel De Leon alluded a person who’s ‘happy’ with what happened to her in the recent Miss International 2017 competition held in Tokyo.

“If another person’s “misfortune” pleases you, it just shows how insecure and unhappy you are with your life. It’s okay, maybe one day you’ll be truly happy? I’m sending you good vibes and prayers!” Mariel De Leon said in her tweet.

“Same building, same event, plus group pics. But no personal experience or encounter. It’s okay, God knows what (didn’t) happen. I’ll pray for you and I’ll leave it all to Him.” she added.

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