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LOOK: Marawi soldier widow calls out ABS-CBN reporter for misinterpreting her answers during their interview

A group of Marawi Soldier widow slammed an ABS-CBN reporter for misinterpreting one of their member’s answer during their interview.

According to them, the reporter made it look like that the widow of Corporal Philip Apao who got killed by a friendly fire from an airstrike in Marawi City several months ago is still looking for answers for the death of her husband.

The report of Jeff Canoy went viral on the internet, but the widows including the widow of CPL Apao, Mary Jane Rivera-Apao said that the journalist twisted the story told by the latter to him.

Ligaya Baldomero Cornito-Serrano, one of the friends of Mrs. Apao expressed her disappointment to the news report by Canoy and called him out for taking advantage of the situation of the mourning widows of the slain soldiers.

Mrs. Serrano also said that they love the President and Duterte is their inspiration to fight their depression.

She also said that during the interview, Mrs. Apao thanked the President for his efforts, but the ABS-CBN reporter didn’t included it to the video report and highlighted that she’s still seeking some answers from the government about the death of his husband.

Mrs. Serrano, informing her group mates that the interview of Jeff Canoy to Mrs. Apao was twisted. Photo: Krizette Laureta Chu

Mrs. Serrano also urged the netizens to avoid believing all the news published by mainstream media because some of their stories about Marawi widows was twisted.

This is her whole post:

Ang bias talaga ng ibang media… Ung isang widow na tulad ko ininterview..iba ang mensaheng napaabot… Please naman dont take advantage of our situation… We love the president more than you know..he is incomparable… Pagdating sa sinseridad.. Sa pagmamahal di lang sa aming mga naiwang mga maybahay..alam ko sa buong sambayanan din.. Please naman.. Imbes magtulungan tayo.. Lalo nating pinapalala ang situation…nalalabanan namin ang depression dahil sa ramdam naming di kami pinapabayaan ng pangulo… Nagsusumamo kami,, wag niyo po paniwalaan lahat ng binabalita dahil ung iba iniiba ang istorya… Puwera na lang po sa matitino.. Please stop using us… If it’s not for the good of the country…wag na lang po kaung lumapit sa amin.

Pro-Duterte blogger Krizette Laureta Chu also shared the post of Mrs. Serrano on her Facebook page, asking Jeff Canoy for his response on the complaint of the Marawi widow:

One of the widows of our fallen soldiers in Marawi is complaining that media has misrepresented their answers.

Ligaya says they love the President and support him, and yet when one of them were interviewed by Jeff Canoy (what station is he affiliated with?), the story was twisted.

For those who don’t believe how shitty some mainstream media members can be, read this.
The widows say sometimes the only thing that stops them from having depression is the thought that the President loves them.

Tapos istre stress niyo Ng ganito? MAKONSENSYA NAMAN KAYO.

Jeff Canoy any thoughts?

Some netizens also said that the journalist incited to convince the soldiers to not support the President because of what happened to Corporal Apao.

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