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Sass Rogando Sasot reveals the ‘mysterious tattoo’ of Vice Mayor Paolo Pulong Duterte

Pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot who visited Davao City yesterday revealed something special to her followers after she met Vice Mayor Paolo Pulong Duterte and Presidential son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte.

During their meeting, Sasot claimed that Paolo Duterte showed his ‘mysterious tattoo’ to her.

Sasot confirmed that Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte got a tattoo in his back,but she said that there’s no sacred digits printed in his tattoo.

It contradicted the claims of Senator Trillanes that the dragon tattoo of Paolo Duterte, got sacred digits that would identify his position in the drug triad.

“Dear Trillanes: Nakita ko kagabi ang tattoo ni Pulong. Nagawa ko ang di mo nagawa: ang paghubarin siya. *bites lower lip*” Sasot said in her post.

“Gusto ko lang malaman mo na hindi sacred digits ang nakita ko kundi sacred chost. At sa dila ng dragon ay may nakatatak na: Me love you long time.” she added.

In her another post, Sasot urged the fiercest critic of President Rodrigo Duterte to commit suicide because he’s lying.

“Nakita ko na tattoo ni Pulong. Trillanes sinungaling ka! Pakamatay ka na!” Sasot said.

The ‘tattoo’ of Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte became controversial after Senator Antonio Trillanes IV accused him of being a member of a drug triad.

Last September, Trillanes claimed that there’s a dragon tattoo in the back of Pulong, an evidence that the Vice Mayor is a member of a big drug syndicate and possibly behind the P6.4-B shabu shipment from China.

Trillanes even asked Duterte to remove his shirt to prove his innocence, but unlike Sassot, the Senator’s request got rejected by the Vice Mayor.

““Is he gay? Probably. If he said I want to see your [back], I would have probably asked my client [to do so],” Paolo Duterte’s lawyer said after Trillanes revelation.

Sasot was invited as guest speaker at the ‘Crossroads Diskusyon’ held in Davao City.

She also met the Dutertes and several of her fans.

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