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Trillanes hits Duterte: 17 months ka na sa pwesto mo, wala ka paring nagagawa!

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV released another tirade against President Rodrigo Duterte for allegedly planning to establish a revolutionary government in order to maintain peace and prevent anyone who wanted to launch a rebellion to oust him.

The fiercest critic of Rodrigo Duterte said that the President was still not doing something in since he seated in Malacanang.

“Sabi ni Duterte, kailangan daw nya ng revgov para ayusin ang Pilipinas. Ang sakin naman, 17 months ka na sa pwesto wala ka naman naayos,” Trillanes said.

He also mocked the President’s way of wearing barong tagalog during occasions and pointed out that if Duterte can’t dress properly, he can’t also solve the problems of the country.

“Pati pagsuot mo ng barong hindi mo nga maiayos, buong bansa pa.” he said.

“Bumenta na nung kampanya yung linya mo na, ‘aayusin ko ang bansa in 3 to 6 months,’ kaya hindi ka na makakaulit.” he added.

Despite of the calls of some Duterte supporters to establish a revolutionary government, the President said that the country would not benefit if that would happen.

“Ang sabi nilang revolutionary government, coup d’état, ’wag ninyong intindihin ‘yan, malayo ‘yan”  Duterte said

“Me? I build a nation. If the Armed Forces cooperates with me, if this is something there is good in it, fine. We can work together,” he added.”

He also said that he does not need a revolutionary government to destroy the New People’s Army (NPA).

“Hindi ako mag-martial law. Hindi ako mag-revolutionary government. I will just go and arrest them,” Duterte said.

Since the election period, Senator Antonio Trillanes criticized President Rodrigo Duterte and accused him of being involved in killing of alleged criminals.

He also claimed that Duterte had hidden bank accounts worth billions of pesos and repeatedly challenged the President to sign a waiver.

But according to the critics, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV began his grudge against Duterte when the President rejected him to become his tandem last Presidential election.

President Rodrigo Duterte also confirmed the meeting between him and Trillanes.

“Pero hindi ko lang masabi na, ‘Ikaw klaseng tao, maging bise ko?” President Duterte said during his interview with Erwin Tulfo.

“Salbahe talaga ‘to. He takes it personal, kasi bilib masyado sa sarili ” he added.

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