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GOOD NEWS: Bureau Of Customs Posted Record-Breaking P46.470 Billion Revenue In November

The highest-ever record breaking revenue collection of the Bureau of Customs was achieved for November. The all-time high revenue was reached by BOC and it amounted to P46.470-billion.

Isidro Lapeña, the Customs Commissioner reported that five collection districts of the BOC in Davao, Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, Tacloban and Clark have surpassed their monthly collection goals.

Here is the list of their revenues:
  • Port of Batangas: P13.339-billion collection, 18 percent higher against its P11.36-billion revenue target
  • Port of Tacloban: P59-million collection, 177 percent higher against its P21 million revenue target
  • Port of Cagayan de Oro: P1.273-billion collection, 1.1 percent higher against its P1.259 billion revenue target
  • Port of Clark: P149-million collection, 6.6 percent higher against its P140-million revenue target
  • Port of Davao: P1.56-billion collection, 6.6 percent higher against its P1.464 billion revenue target
Lapeña added that the BOC has been breaking their records with regards to revenue since September. 
“We have been achieving historical collection figures since September, but the latest November collection is really a milestone for BOC, being the highest in the monthly collection ever achieved by BOC,"
Lapeña mentioned that even though Nove,ber only had 19 working days, they still got the highest revenue in their history. He thinks that if there were more working days, then they would have surpassed their monthly target greatly.
"This, despite having only 19 working days. I think we could have surpassed our monthly target if November has the usual number of working days,”
He attributed the increase of revenue for November to the "no tara policy" that is being strictly enforced and the increase in oil prices.
"It is also attributed to the increase in the volume of importation by 7.9 percent compared to last year’s volume of the same period,"
The current monthly high-revenue posts of BOC started when Lapeña was posted.

September monthly collection was posted at P41 billion while October reached P42 billion. Last November 3 and 10, the BOC reached its highest daily collection in the amount of P3.045 billion and P3.839 billion, respectively.
“I am really optimistic that by December, the BOC will finally be able to hit, if not surpass its monthly target.  Together with all the ports, we are really hoping that we will achieve this,"

Source: GMA News 

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